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How can Amino Eclipse keep horses racing and delay exhaustion?


Amino Eclipse is the result of a unique and laborious research based on the measures on blood plasma concentration of amino acids before and after exhausting exercise. This unique method has been invented by the University of Tokyo and called the “aminogramme”. It consists of measuring the plasma concentration of each amino acid before and after exhaustion and to record their variations. From these aminogrammes it is then possible to identify the amino acids that need to be provided before strenuous efforts and to calculate the quantity required for each of them.

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Based on these researches Amino Eclipse was designed to be the most appropriate formula for athlete horses. It consists of 12 amino acids including the essential and the Branched Chain Amino Acids plus 2 necessary amino acids (L-Proline, a building block for cartilage collagen, and L-Glutamine, an inhibitor of muscle protein decomposition).

The function of Amino Eclipse is to provide before and after extensive training and racing the resources that cannot be found in the diet. An athlete horse during races will use up the energy from starch at first, then from fat which it has very little, and eventually from its own muscle proteins resulting into a process of exhaustion that creates lack of sprint power and endurance.

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